The Artist Resource Centre, located in downtown Toronto,  is an artist run studio dedicated to aspiring and professional artists alike. The Artist Resource Centre offers opportunities to hone historical, drawing and painting skills through workshops and open studio practices.

In its essence, the Artist Resource Centre is a space to create in Toronto. Our artist studio offers a variety of ongoing and specialized workshops, as well as open life drawing classes and painting classes.

What’s more, Artist Resource Centre is made to be accessible through reasonably priced rates and a well-thought out schedule of classes. In addition, our 750 square foot, north-facing space is flooded by natural light, providing the optimal conditions to make and create.

Or if you’re simply looking for affordable rehearsal space or event space to rent, please contact us about our rates.

July 4th-5th
Reclining Nude in Oils.

Costa will provide a weekend workshop in portrait painting. Students will be focusing on issues of structure in regard to form, colour with regard to value, and development of colour relationships. The workshop will involve lecture, demo and critique. Costa will also provide guidance as you begin and develop your own portrait and will give a short talk or demo daily on the aspects of what we are dealing with in the particular pose, position in space, lighting or any other particular painting/drawing challenges.

Thank you.

For info or registration please visit:

Life Drawing for May:

FRIDAYS 6:30-9:30 short poses

Sat – Sun 1-4pm: Long pose

*no class Sunday May 17th

* Added class Thursday May 14- 6:30-9:30 short poses